Kristian Vedel Selected designs from the 1950'es dansk

[Folding table with marquetry] [Birds - oakwoord]
Marquetry table. 1950 Birds. 1951-54
[childs chair] [salt and pepper mills]
Childs chair. 1951-55 Stackable items. 1955-57
[copper lamp] [stackable items]
Systemfixtures and furnitures. 1956-61 Stackable items - melamine. 1958-80
1950Married to Birgit Arnfred Vedel, b. Arnfred
1951-54Experiments with plastic: casting, colouring, surfaces, thermal conductivity
1951-54Experiments with in-depth treatment of wood to increase stability and usability
1952-53Teacher of drawing, painting and modeling at Askov Folk High School
1953-56Teacher of measurements, functional, technological and market analysis at the furniture division of the School for Applied Arts and Design, Copenhagen.
1954Established private design studio in Humlebæk.
1954-55Ergonomic analysis of sitting postures - for chairs.
1955-60Projecting of children's furniture, melamine products, egg cups, peppermills and stacking items, wooden birds a.o produced by Torben Ørskov & Co.
1957 Silvermedal for childs chair at "La triennale di Milano"
1957-58Systemfixtures and furniture for Askov, Magleås og Herning højskoler for Architect Tyge Arnfred, MAA and professor Viggo Møller Jensen, MAA
1957-58Consultant for Louisiana Applied Arts Industry A/S
Excerpt from CV written by Kristian Vedel, 2001