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The bird is produced by ArchitectMade (formerly Lassen Tableware) and has in the spring 2006 appeared on the cover of the catalogue for the design shop at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), in New York. The little handmade bird sits well hidden by the edge of a ditch, which in reality are grass vases designed by the Danish ceramic duo Claydies. In addition to the bird family Kristian Vedel has designed a little doll in the same style – in oak with hemp hair.

The above is an examination of a large part of Kristian Vedel's work virke as designer, but in order to fully understand the full magnitude of his work in this field, one must also look at the design politics or the design aesthetic aspects that came to fill the predominant part of Vedel's life from the 1960s to his death in 2003. Kristian Vedel was a founding member and became the first foreman for the association IDD2 (Industrial Designers in Denmark) and was with that a spokesman for a long line of designers in Denmark.

Vedel was like a whole generation of designers influenced by functionalism's ideas about creating simple useable furniture and utensils for the broader population. But where a long line of designers insisted upon keeping there extreme quality demands and preference for aesthetic perfection which meant that the target group became completely different than “ordinary” people, Vedel continued his work as an idealist. As a natural result of his work for IDD regarding Danish designers' education, legal conditions, international relations, etc., in 1968 Kristian Vedel was sent to Nairobi by the State Department and Danida (Danish International Development Agency) to work to establish and professionalize the subject of design in Africa.

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