Kristian Vedel Pioneer and idealist (8 of 8) dansk

[Ane og Kristian Vedel, juni 2001]

And as practicing architect and designer he was employed with the principle for the Danish School for Arts and Crafts, Edvard Kindt-Larsen, Architect MAA; Erik Herløw, Professor, Architect MAA; and Palle Suenson, Professor, Architect MAA; and subsequently with his own design firm. Kristian Vedel’s life and work is thus an interesting insight into most of the 20th century’s design history with widespread contact with all the design fields: teaching/­education, research, design politics and not least as a practicing designer.

1. Grete Jalk »Dansk Møbelkunst gennem 40 aar« Bind 1947-1956 s. 46

2. In 1995 IDD (Industrial Designers Denmark) merged with MMI (the Association of Furniture and Interior Architects and in Danmark) into Association of Danish Designers.

3. Translator’s note: The literal translation of folkehøjskole is folk high school or as it is often translated folk college, yet neither term is correct. The folkehøjskole is a concept intrinsically linked to Danish culture, nothing comparable exists to convey the idea in English. A folkehøjskole is an independent boarding school for adults and at which no degrees are awarded, but where the students and staff learn, live and eat together with the aim of each person developing his/her intellectual faculties.

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