Kristian Vedel Selected designs from the 1960'es dansk

[Spring furniture system] [U-profiles in Form & Farve]
Spring furniture system. 1960-61 Form & Farve. 1961
[Paperknife] [The Lady]
Utensils. 1960-67 The Lady. 1961
[Furniture system Modus] [Drawing, own house]
Furniture system Modus. 1961-80 Own house in Humlebæk. 1967
1960Gold medal for stackable items in melamine at "Triennale di Milano".
1960-61Consultant, architect and designer for Torben Ørskov & Co in connection with the establishment of the shop Form & Farve, Nicolaj Plads, Copenhagen.
1961Married to designer Ane Vedel, b. Pedersen.
1961-68Design of the furniture series MODUS, graphic works and exhibitions for Søren Willadsen's Successor.
1962-66Studies of the usability of armed and unarmed polystres in building and inventory components.
1963Separate exhibition, Design aus Dänemark, Bremen.
1965Field studies of material cultures, socio-economical backgrounds, production, distribution and developmental conditions in South, Central and North America.
1965-68Co-founder, planning and first chairman of IDD Industrial Designers Denmark.
Excerpt from CV written by Kristian Vedel, 2001