Kristian Vedel Selected designs from after 1967 dansk

[Kenya] [Ownhouse at Thyholm (DK)]
Designeducation in Kenya. 1968-71 Own house at Thyholm (DK), built 1972-73.
[Sheep breeding on Thyholm] [Selected illustrations]
Sheep breeding on Thyholm. 1973-2003 Freehand drawings. 1970-2003
1968 Commisioned by the Danish Foreign Ministry to investigate need for support in establishing a professor's chair in "Space Art" at University of Nairobi.
1968-71Professor at University of Nairobi, Kenya: Establishment of the two first University departments for Industrial Design in independent black Africa, one a teaching department, the other a research and development institute.
1972Member of the board for Housing Research & Development Unit, University of Nairobi, 1969-71.
1972Established design studio at Thyholm, 1972.
1973Established Shropshire sheep breeding at Thyholm.
1973-74Member of Danish Applied Arts & Industrial Design's representative board and chair of the association's design group.
1974-76Member of ICSIDs Core Comittee, working group IV Design for Developing Countries.
1975-Design of modular clothing components made from Shropshire wool.
1987Awarded lifelong grant by the Danish Arts Council.
1995Childs chair bought by Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.
Excerpt from CV written by Kristian Vedel, 2001